John Facenda: The Voice of NFL Films


No one person defined the National Football League like John Facenda. What? You've never heard of him? No, he wasn't the quarterback who won the big game or the wide receiver who caught the game winning pass that won the Superbowl. He was never shown on a broadcast or given much recognition at all. He was probably the most famous person that you've never known. Nicknamed the "Voice of God" by NFL films president Steve … [Read more...]

NFL Lockout: Simple Version

Everyone has heard the phrase “show me the money” and that seems to be what the players are saying to the NFL owners. While the owners are claiming that owning an NFL franchise is actually a losing investment. Which one is closest to the truth? Decide for yourself after reading the top five reasons for both sides not signing the CBA (collective bargaining agreement). Top 5 Reasons for the Owners: 5 – Stadium … [Read more...]