Bin Laden Killed By US Forces

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “the shot heard around the world…” well, now we have “the news heard around the world” and it is good news indeed: nearly a decade after the infamous 9/11 attacks the FBI has changed the caption under their most wanted poster on Osama bin Laden to “Deceased”. It has been reported that the Al Qaeda leader was shot in the head during a United States helicopter raid that took place … [Read more...]

Man Avoids Wife for Three Years by Labeling Her a Terrorist

Plenty of men want to hide from their wife sometimes.  Some head down to the basement game room.  Some plop down on the couch to catch a game or a movie.  Others may head off to the garage or yard to tinker with whatever they happen to find. Not this man.  Nope.  He had his wife disallowed from re-entering the country. According to the Daily News, a British immigration worker tried to get rid of his wife by adding … [Read more...]